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We are well know as Gruppo Gamma Russia, since 2015 we have sold hundreds of watches across the world, and now we decided to open an online store for our international friends.


4 October 2021 Peacemaker Mk II update

We are constantly in touch with GG and following closely the production process. As you all know, GG is a microbrand, so unlike big companies, it is no able to have a huge stock of watches at launch and uses a preorder mechanism, releasing watches in batches. Quality control is very strict and Naoki, the founder of GG, inspects each watch personally.
We should have soon the first batch of automatic Peacemakers and we are starting sending balance payment emails already. Hand wound Peacemakers will take some more time and we shall update you soon. We will be processing preorders in chronological order and each of you will be contacted by us.
Let us know should you need any extra accessories/watches so we can ship them together with your Peacemaker and provide an additional discount.

Looking for a Nexus?

In the 1940s, frogmen performing underwater operations typically wore on their wrists three types of instruments - compass, wristwatch and depth gauge.

Much has been said and done about the watch but in 2019, Gruppo Gamma took inspiration from the depth gauge instead. Using a jumping hour complication, the Nexus has risen to become an iconic tool watch.

The Nexus concept and renders were publicly unveiled in March 2019, and the prototypes were showcased in September 2019.