24/05/2020 Peacemaker PN-19 coming soon, check your email if you preordered. We will have some extra pieces at full retail price probably.

18/05/2020 We are operative and ship worldwide with DHL/UPS / Siamo operativi e spediamo in tutto il mondo con DHL/UPS

Nexus production updates
When testing the prototypes in the last several months, it was observed that owing to the weight of the hand and hour disc, the component may rotate in erratic ways when subjected to strong centrifugal force.  For production we’ve reduced the manufacturing tolerance of the hands to ensure better fit. (This issue is unique to the Nexus, which is why we never had similar production delays in the past years.)Because of the more stringent standards, we rejected a previous batch of hands and discs and had them remade. This has led to some delay. Moreover, as we subsequently proceed to mount the component onto the dials and movements, more of these components would inevitably be rejected during QC because of the more stringent requirements. This process is much more more onerous than with ‘normal’ watches.We are monitoring production and assembly very carefully and based on current status, shipping will be delayed to end May/June.We are sorry for the delay, and we thank you for your patience and support in an unprecedented time like this.