Gruppo Gamma Limited Edition

All Gruppo Gamma models are, technically speaking, limited editions. In fact most of them are produced during a short period of time in limited quantities, usually up to 100-150 pieces per variant. You can refer to Gruppo Gamma website for details on legacy models.

On top of that Gruppo Gamma in partnership with their Authorised Dealers is producing particular limited edition models dedicated to specific markets in very limited quantities (50-60 pieces usually). Those limited editions encompass the Gruppo Gamma DNA and are designed by Authorised Dealers with their friends and customers.

Being an exclusive partner of Gruppo Gamma Russia, we have the exclusive for international sales of the steel Peacemaker P-03L (Russia Limited Edition 2 – RLE2) and bronze Vanguard AN-19L (Russia Limited Edition 3 – RLE3).

Russia Limited Edition 2

Currently available Limited Edition models

Looking for a limited Edition Gruppo Gamma or Venturo? We have in stock some very rare and exclusive watches like the RLE2, RLE3 and GG-10.

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